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Need Help Preparing For Small Claims Court?

Need Help Preparing For Small Claims Court?

Work with our legal document preparer in Orlando, FL

Whether you're the plaintiff or defendant, participating in a small claims court can take a lot of time and focus. A lot of cases don't require legal representation, but figuring out the paperwork is a big task. That's why you should rely on Shonda's Secretarial Service LLC to handle your small claims paperwork for you. We work with clients in the Orlando, FL area.

Stop stressing over legal documents

If you choose to represent yourself in small claims court, you might still need help with the documentation. We can't give legal advice, but we can:

Help you respond to papers you've been served
File a statement of claim to begin the small claims action
Make sure your small claims paperwork has all the necessary case details

Proceeding with your case is much easier when you have us to help with the paperwork. Call us now at 407-692-1577 to get started.